Movies – 550D post-production update

NOW I get why H.264 isn’t an editing format: when you have a cut, it freezes for a moment.

It’s not the biggest of deals for me, in light of how I edit; I’m one of those “match the action as precisely as possible, combing your edits frame-by-frame” guys. So I don’t even notice except during playback, and it’s easy to grind out a low-res rough to look at. OK, so it isn’t professional: I just won’t do it on personal projects, then.

Right now the rough cut, sans any sort of audio, is loading to Vimeo. It’s not a final cut by any means; I’m probably layering on the distortion and the color effects in the “nightmare” sequence, because, screw it, I can and I’ve got more than enough to demonstrate I’ve learned something in class this semester.

Also, this is my first long-term experience with Vimeo, and I have to say, is there a video site that tries harder to upsell you? Jesus, guys, just accept ads, like everyone else.


One Response to “Movies – 550D post-production update”

  1. Nic Schweitzer Says:

    Nightmare sequence? Either this will be super badass, or it’ll be another celebrity sex tape featuring family members. And, yes, Vimeo overdoes it.

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