Politics – Teabaggers Deserve a Cup of STFU

Just a quick note to all the teabaggers whining about Scott Brown showing token bipartisanship.

Here’s a simple rule: if you are a current resident of Massachusetts, you’ve got every right to complain.

If you’re not, shut the fuck up.

It’s really that simple. You don’t live here. We do. You don’t like the jobs bill, complain to your own fucking Senator. I bet most of you come from a state that Massachusetts pays for (foreshadowing!) So, take it from the guy who pays for your roads and schools while you whine about your taxes: you’ve got no right to bitch.

Jesus, I’m a liberal, I don’t even like the guy, in fact I think he’s kind of a dick, but he’s still looking better than you lot. Think about that. Your hissy fits and immaturity are actually moving me to defend the guy simply because I live here and it pisses me off you think you have the right to tell other states what to do because you lack the emotional maturity to deal with people who disagree with you in an intelligent manner.

Grow the hell up and if you don’t live here, get the hell out of my state.


2 Responses to “Politics – Teabaggers Deserve a Cup of STFU”

  1. Paulie Says:

    Hey, just a quick question; I’m hoping someone can clarify for me the definition of ‘teabaggers’ – it is, at least in Australia, a highly amusing party trick, whereby one lowers one’s testicles onto the closed eyelids of the comatosely drunk, and optionally snaps a pic to make them think twice about falling asleep around this bunch of poeple again.
    Can I assume that the same definition does not apply in the above context?
    Many thanks.

    • seitzeeing Says:

      Well, not intentionally.

      The teabaggers in question call themselves “Tea Partiers” because they have a weak grasp of American history and construe themselves as rebelling against an oppressive government. You know, the oppression of shifting the tax burden off these largely unemployed people and giving them stronger health care. They started out calling themselves “teabaggers” as well but apparently somewhere along the line somebody got around to explaining what that means to them.

      I still use it to express my contempt for the whole movement, especially since the leadership has failed repeatedly to reject the racist elements that have cropped up within its organization and in its events.

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