Ubuntu – Who Writes This Documentation? Cave Trolls?

Yes, this blog is getting an Ubuntu tag. This is because while the OS is something I’m rapidly getting comfortable with, the documentation is clearly written by cave trolls, apes, or some other species that has an incredible grasp of code but no idea what people use computers for.

This is what I had to do, to figure out how to get my netbook to accept USB drives, aka cheap storage, aka the most common form of storage in current usage on Earth.

— Check fruitlessly in the wiki.

— Look in the forums.

— Randomly click on a thread about automounting SD cards while combing the forums looking for just anything to fix issues that really should be obvious.

— Discovering that this thread actually contains an explanation of how to get into the terminal and fix the damn problem. It turns out that when you install Ubuntu on a thumb drive, it decides the USB is a CD drive. Thus, when you plug in a thumb drive without inserting a # into, literally, one line of code, it thinks it’s a CD, tries to load it as one, and can’t mount it.

— Fuck around in the terminal for another fifteen minutes before I finally get the code, insert the pound sign, and get my thumb drives up and running.

— Joyously click on one of the MP3s I had saved.

— Discover that the clunky iTunes knockoff contained therein does not come with an MP3 playback codec.

— Download the damn codec and FINALLY have at least some of my music up and running. The rest I install next week.

Like I said, now that I’m used to it, I like Ubuntu. I just hate the customer support. Awwwwww, it’s just like Windows that way!


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