The Most Quotable Movie You’ve Never Seen

If you’ve never seen “The President’s Analyst”, you’re missing out. For one thing, it has this incredible monologue from Godfrey Cambridge, an actor who largely spent his time playing comedic parts, including “The Watermelon Man”:

But that makes it sound like a serious drama. It’s quite the opposite. Take, for example, this bit between two FBI agents:

Or the highly memorable Quantrill family:

And we haven’t even gotten to Severin Darden’s character yet, who has some of the best lines, arguably ever (“You want to save the world? You’re the great humanitarian? Take the gun.”) You’re starting to see why this movie is compulsively quotable. Pretty much every single scene has a line that you have to take out of context and use somehow.

As a movie it’s of its time, which is a nice way of saying it’s a little dated. But it’s gloriously insane and still as funny as hell. Check it out, ASAP.


2 Responses to “The Most Quotable Movie You’ve Never Seen”

  1. thelamest(dot)com Says:


    It kinda looked like the guy on the couch about to be shot was rubbing one out under the blanket….guess you may as well go out wanking!

  2. bankshot Says:

    This…this needs to be an article.

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