Software – Maybe Vundo Exists to Get Everyone To Switch To Linux

Right now I feel the way a dedicated carnivore must feel when he discovers he’ll have to go on an all-veggie diet, or when a rich Yellow Elephant gets arrested for something Daddy can’t fix, or when a staunch liberal gets mugged.

OK, not really. I have no emotional investment in operating systems. They are software that enable me to do what I want to do. And as of tomorrow, the software that will be doing that is Linux.

This is not due to my seeing the light and becoming an open-source advocate. Good God, no. It’s because of the digital AIDS known as Vundo.

Vundo has basically rendered my computer semi-useless in the space of two days. I did everything right: I installed anti-virus software, I kept my descriptions up to date, I didn’t use torrents or open suspicious files. And I STILL got it.

My computer still functions for what I need it to do, but Vundo has broken the registry, Safe Mode, probably my Java, and Christ only knows what else. So basically, even if I effectively remove Vundo, I’m still going to have to do an XP reinstall. And at this point, if I have to reinstall the OS anyway? Fuck it. I’m installing an OS that doesn’t have these problems. Better to do this once than another five times.

So, yes, I am soon to be an Ubuntu user. My (gentle) mocking of Linux users has been rendered hypocritical.

God. Damn. It.


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