TV – “Leverage” Is Stupid, Fun

I’ve been watching “Leverage” off and on, because I love heist movies, and basically, it’s one heist per episode.

On one level, it’s kind of bad. The show has a rigid formula that it follows and the bad guys are little more than interchangeable parts. It also sometimes cheats by not giving us all the information, but this is a forgivable sin as the heist is not actually the focus of the show.

This is what saves the show a lot, especially since the writing is sharp enough that there are no “You know there’s a much simpler solution to this, right?” moments that completely undo the heist. There are a few details where it falls into that trap, but so far, nothing painful.

Mostly the show cruises on the comedy; there are some genuinely funny moments, especially between Hardison the hacker and Eliot the muscle, who have a…contentious relationship, and Parker the thief, who apparently suffers from some form of Asperger’s and has a hilariously creepy history (she bursts out laughing when asked to recall her father’s death). And the show keeps sprinkling in little details: apparently Eliot is a professional cook and one of the worst incidents of his life centers around…a monkey. I wish the show was more consistent with the flashbacks: I want more of these tantalizing little details that are never quite explained.

Overall, it’s a fun little show. Nothing brilliant, but it could be.


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