Politics – The GOP Has a Rather Short Memory

You see, guys, this is why you need to not vote lockstep NO! Because then you’re forced to say silly, contradictory things. You know, like how you’re suddenly opposed to tax breaks.

Plus, there are fun nuggets whining about how Obama has a “stay the course” mentality. Gee, you know, somehow that sounds really familiar. Like I heard it from a Republican politician all the time over the last five years or so. I think John Stewart put it best when he referred to Ballsheimers, a disease where you suddenly forget that you actually did all the things you’re accusing your opponent of.

Leaving aside the mockery, Obama basically wants students to be able to pay less on their student loans, to make child care more affordable, and to try and expand retirement savings. It’s seriously as moderate as it gets. It doesn’t even do much to the budget, which is the real kicker. The allowance to help people care for elderly parents comes out to about $100 million.

Here’s my question: what’s the strategy from here? They can rant and rave and whine, but do they actually pull the trigger and filibuster? How bad is that going to look?


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