Politics – Streak, GOP? Not So Fast.

Let’s talk a bit about the alleged GOP streak, and what it proves.

Namely, that, yes, the GOP can win. But only against unpopular candidates, as of now.

Seriously, there’s not much victory really here if you look at the elections. In New Jersey, Corzine was going to be voted out of office no matter what; he was deeply unpopular. Virginia was not much of a surprise, either: it’s a conservative state, and there wasn’t much of a credible candidate against the GOP’s nominee.

And, of course, Scott Brown, who’s already accidentally endorsed an idiot birther, William Hudak, for Congress, won against Martha Coakley.

Winning against candidates for which there isn’t much enthusiasm isn’t much of a win. Then, of course, there’s the GOP’s fuck-ups.

But notably being left out of the GOP’s narrative was NY-23, where the GOP went all out behind an unpopular candidate in what should have been a chip shot. It was a conservative candidate in a conservative district, and the GOP was really going to show how much America, especially right-wing Americans really loved their conservative ideals…

…And then NY-23 went for the Democrat. In fact, the GOP candidate in the race before the nationals interfered dropped out and endorsed said Democrat, one Bill Owens.

We won’t know the GOP’s real strength until we see if they can wrest a seat away from a popular candidate. And if it’s consistently people like Hudak, well…


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