Politics – Scott Brown’s Lack of Character

Go ahead. Watch that fifteen seconds.

Then watch this:

This is his attempt to cover up for his little Facebook episode, wherein he read a bunch of obscene comments teenagers made about him on Facebook to a public assembly of teenaagers.

Then tell me why anybody is voting for this guy. What a fucking ass.


8 Responses to “Politics – Scott Brown’s Lack of Character”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Yes, because the fact that he’s not 100% on Obama’s parents and because he had a poor episode regarding Facebook messages totes negates Coakley’s gross incompetence as AG or the fact that Brown is generally better on the issues overall.

    Neither of these candidates will win a congeniality contest. Thankfully, this race is about things other than that.

  2. seitzeeing Says:

    “The fact that not he’s not 100% on Obama’s mother…” Let’s try the fact that he insulted a man’s mother on national TV and then tried to blame the other candidate for it.

    Bitch about Coakley’s record all you want, but character matters, and Brown lacks it. Period.

  3. Jeff Says:

    If character in fact matters, then both candidates lack it in spades. I’ll assume that BMG didn’t edit the clip in a strange way and go with that.

  4. Sharzak Says:

    (was linked here from your Cracked articles)
    I voted for this barstud because he’s denying the Dems the healthcare bill, and that’s IT. I agree with Coakley on every other platform but this one, but Obamacare is an abortion of a package.

  5. Sharzak Says:

    This is really a giant douche/turd sandwich choice. But the Amirault case and healthcare really made the decision for me. Coakley sucks, Brown sucks, but Scottie can help stop the most-sucky-thing yet from descending on us.

    • seitzeeing Says:

      So, why is it the most sucky thing yet?

      This is what bothers me. Especially since the guy has a pretty terrible record of flip-flopping and his opinions changing with the wind.

  6. Sharzak Says:

    Why is nationalizing healthcare the most sucky thing yet? Is that what you’re asking me?

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