Games – The Gaps In Rock Band

Yes, it’s a “bitching about songs Rock Band doesn’t have” post. But this one I’ll actually bother to justify myself and my three selections.

Lou Reed/Velvet Underground

Up to a point, the fact that both of these bands were missing made sense. It’s hard to sell songs about bisexuality and heroin use, and Harmonix didn’t know how far they could push content. Also, I’d be surprised if Lou Reed wasn’t a bit skeptical himself. But I think we’re pretty much past that point, considering some of the metal that’s been released as DLC; in fact it’s kind of appalling a shit band like “Cannibal Corpse” is downloadable while there’s no Underground. True, it’s not like they can put, well, anything from “Berlin”. Or “Walk On the Wild Side.” But is a track from “Transformer” too much to ask? Like, say, “Vicious”?

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Cave’s problem is pretty simple: he’s big everywhere but the US. Also, he uses a lot of piano: I can’t see his biggest US hit, “Red Right Hand”, translating into something Rock Band could use.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have songs that couldn’t make for epic Rock Band tracks. For example, “Let the Bells Ring”:

“Thirsty Dog”:

or the acoustic version of “The Mercy Seat”. Besides, if Rock Band’s going to feature Cannibal Corpse, they can at least do us the favor of featuring a song that’s fun to sing, too.

Man or Astro-Man?

OK, probably this is the most obscure and least justifiable of my three choices, but if you’ve ever heard them, you know why they’re on here.

MOA? specialized in surf-punk played at blistering speeds. True, not many of their songs featured, well, lyrics, meaning the vocalist is right out of most choices. But those guitar parts are just too damn fun not to feature. Take “Nitrous Burn-Out”:

Don’t tell me you don’t want to play that. Anybody who loves video games wants to play that. Hell, I want to play that, and I play on Medium.

If nothing else, it’ll offer an important way to cater to their base of hardcore players without putting even more metal on the setlist: while I enjoy the game, frankly I think it’s too heavily weighted towards metal. Some more variety and weirdness, please.


5 Responses to “Games – The Gaps In Rock Band”

  1. Shaun Scovil Says:

    How about some friggin’ White Snake?? Just sayin’…

  2. seitzeeing Says:


  3. Sam Says:

    These aren’t really “gaps.” Maybe Velvet Underground, but the others are just “bands I want to see.” I want to see Rammstein, but it’s not really a gap.

    I’d say the gaps in Rock Band are bands like Pink Floyd, U2, ZZ Top, and obviously, Led Zeppelin. Major names in rock and roll that have no presence whatsoever.

    But that misses the real issue at stake here, which is this:


    • seitzeeing Says:

      Well, your mileage may vary, of course, but to me it’s just “eh”. Even on Easy it completely redefines “unchallenging”. By MY standards.

      Dude, there’s no “maybe” about Velvet Underground. “Only five hundred people bought their album, but everyone who bought it started a band”. Also, listen to “Nitrous Burn-Out”, and then tell me you don’t want to play that. Again, there’s that whole “heroin” thing, but you could probably get away with “Hanging ‘Round” from Reed, at the least.

      I don’t think most Pink Floyd would really translate out well. I mean, if they can pull off Jethro Tull, they can pull off Floyd, but it’s a lot of pretty slow songs that are also pretty long.

      I will admit I’m surprised at a lack of ZZ Top; it’s not like they’ve had a hit, it can’t be that pricey.

      • Sam Says:

        A retarded monkey could get 100% on “Hammer Smashed Face” on Expert. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun as hell. Difficulty isn’t the factor here.

        Also, maybe most Pink Floyd wouldn’t translate well, but some of their hits would, and that’s all that counts, really. They don’t have to do an album release or anything. “Another Brick in the Wall” would work quite well.

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