Politics – So What The Hell is Going On In Massachusetts?

As you may know, Massachusetts is about two weeks away from electing either a hang-’em-high AG or a Rotarian from Wrentham as its new senator. Currently, there is much hubbub because according to one poll, the Rotarian, Scott Brown, is leading by a point.

Of course, the fact that the Boston Globe poll says Coakley is leading by FIFTEEN points is something the GOP would rather not discuss.

How credible do I find either poll? If I’m being honest, not much. Coakley has had a lead for the entire time the race has been going on: it’s not just that Massachusetts is a liberal state, it’s that the Massachusetts GOP is weak. Seriously, put the Mass GOP in the Thunderdome with a starving kitten, and I’d be genuinely torn over which would leave.

Brown, bless his heart, is making a genuine bid for the seat, but I haven’t seen him anywhere in the media. Granted I don’t pay that much attention, but what little attention I do pay, I see Coakley. It doesn’t help that Coakley has been much more present in the news over the last few years, either.

The final hurt is that, well, we’re talking about national office here. Brown is fairly moderate and seems like a nice guy, but the fact is, the national GOP sets the tone and makes the rules, and he would be the new guy. Brown doesn’t just have a powerful Democratic political machine to fight; he also has to fight the fact that pretty much everybody to the left of the John Birch Society thinks that a vote for him is a vote against themselves. I just don’t believe for a minute the guy would be able to stick up for Massachusetts. The Democrats would have to run somebody profoundly corrupt and evil, and to be honest, while I don’t like Coakley and I find her record as AG to be troubling, I know she’s not going to do something retarded over abortion or stonewall gay rights. I can’t say the same for Brown.

So to be blunt, short of something amazing hitting the press, which it hasn’t, I’m inclined to dismiss the poll that has Brown leading. Nothing’s happened, no state unemployment figures, no embarrassing scandals, nothing. I’ve also heard rumors that the poll was heavily skewed, but since I can’t find anything on that one way or the other, take it with a grain of salt.

Similarly, I’m skeptical of the Globe saying Coakley has a fifteen-point lead. That she has a fifteen point lead in Boston, that wouldn’t be a surprise, but statewide, I kinda doubt it. She’s never pulled double digits over the guy, why would that suddenly change now?

That said, to be honest, it’s the Boston metro area that matters most, closely followed by Worcester and surrounding areas. And, quite frankly, those areas are practically a lock for Coakley. Brown’s trying to raise $500k. Coakley’s bringing in Bill Clinton. The only guarantee here is that this race is going to get ugly as it gets down to the wire.


2 Responses to “Politics – So What The Hell is Going On In Massachusetts?”

  1. chris Says:

    He’s NOT in the media because the MEDIA IS WORTHLESS AND WE ALL KNOW IT. The media won’t cover him unless it’s negative. Liberal Pr*cks

    • seitzeeing Says:

      I was actually referring to advertising. Admittedly, I’m not the best yardstick for determining ad saturation, but I just haven’t seen anything.

      Re: media bias, take it somewhere else. As the son of a journalist, trust me, it’s a crock of shit. There are plenty of conservative editors and journalists. The media not telling you what you want to hear doesn’t mean it’s biased, it just means you’ve got some major loss aversion going on.

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