Politics – Maybe You Should Try Whacking Him With a Stick

So, Lindsey Graham. Not the biggest fan in the world, as he’s pretty socially conservative, but he does have something so many other GOP members seem to lack these days: namely, the balls to split with the party sometimes. And boy, do the good ol’ boys down in South Carolina not like him for that. Graham just got censured, for a second time, this time by the Lexington County Republican Party, basically because he said he might be willing to work with the dreaded John Kerry and Barbara Boxer on climate change.

To be fair, Graham has an unprecedented advantage, especially right now. In 2008, he got re-elected, and not only did he get re-elected, he did so by a larger margin than the last race he was in. So, he’s got six years for the tide to turn. But more to the point, the GOP needs him, badly, and they know it.

As mentioned before, November 2010 does not look good for the GOP in terms of the Senate. Five of their Senators are retiring, mostly because, whether they want to admit it or not, they’re sick of the RNC’s crap. The fact that the GOP managed to drive away Sam Brownback, who is about as conservative in both the modern and classical senses as it gets (not that socially aware, but talk about a deficit hawk), should really tell you something.

More to the point, their own members are revolting and making those five seats kind of hard to hang onto. Charlie Crist is running for a seat that will be a chip shot, but he has to fight off Marco Rubio, which should be a fairly straightforward prospect since Rubio’s a jackass. But it’s still time and energy he has to dedicate to winning a primary. The other five races are shaping up to be just as ugly.

So the GOP may not like Graham, but they can’t let him go, either. It’ll be interesting to see what happens as time marches on.


2 Responses to “Politics – Maybe You Should Try Whacking Him With a Stick”

  1. Brentin Says:

    I’m a Tampa, FL Native, and I can tell you Conservatives in FL LOVE Rubio.

    • seitzeeing Says:

      Are they the majority, though? I know conservatives love him: they’re backing him. But what does everyone ELSE think?

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