Politics – PETA Are Terrorists?

There are a lot of nasty things one can call PETA with reasonable justification: spoiled, whiny children; misogynists; anti-Semites; utterly clueless about biology and outraged over something it’s pointless to be outraged over. But terrorists?

As you might have guessed, I’m no fan of PETA. Part of this is simply I’m not a fan of animal rights activism on that level in general: it’s one thing to spend a couple of hours helping the puppies and kittens, and quite another to spend your entire life throwing what amounts to an extended hissy fit over the fact that Disney lied to you. And to be honest I think animal rights activism on PETA’s scale amounts to nothing more than stupid, mindless tribalism: “I am better than you because I don’t eat meat.” We could feed quite a few people on the amount of money pissed away by PETA every year, a good chunk of which, by the way, goes to killing animals.

Another part of it is that PETA basically combines the worst behaviors of the self-righteous with the worst behaviors of the attention whore. It’s not that they campaign for a cause I don’t agree with, it’s that they do it in about the stupidest way possible. Forget good taste, these people lack so much as shame and will latch onto anything that gets them attention like a remora. What’s worse is that to be honest I’m not sure anybody in the organization has even the most basic tools to understand other human beings; there’s certainly a distinct lack of empathy. They liken giving a child meat to child abuse, and then wonder why people who work with abused children are upset. They tried to compare a young man’s horrible death on a bus in Canada to what happens in stockyards. It’s like an entire lobbying group is being run by 15-year-olds.

That said, this whole kerfluffle, with PETA included on a list that, to be fair, includes the far nastier groups Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front in a questionnaire is nothing short of hilarious. PETA, of course, is offended at the idea that a bunch of people who have no problem running around in Klan hats and comparing the death of chickens to the Holocaust would lack the basic empathy towards human beings that prevents us from killing each other all the time, while some people are wringing their hands about non-terrorist groups being charged under Bush-era terrorism laws.

All of which kind of glosses over the fact that the questionnaire was issued by that notable law enforcement authority, the United States Department of Agriculture.

Not that concern over the abuse of anti-terrorism laws is unfounded: they should be repealed with all due speed. But I don’t think PETA, as annoying as they are, are in any danger of being put on a list of terrorist organizations and shut down in the USA.

But maybe they might take away from all this a lesson from all this, about respect, dignity and empathy.

But probably not.


One Response to “Politics – PETA Are Terrorists?”

  1. Dan Says:

    Well, if PETA doesn’t want to be called terrorists, perhaps they shouldn’t give money to and/or associate with terrorists:


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