PR – Jackie’s Secret is Self-Importance

I might as well come out and admit that the grad school I occasionally refer to on here is Emerson College. I go there for film. It’s a great school; next semester will be a profoundly challenging one and I’m looking forward to it. And today the President of the school nearly gave me a fucking heart attack over nothing.

Basically, this morning an email was sent out saying that “an important announcement about the future of the college” would be held that day at 2pm. Being, as I am, a employee and an HR person, the first thing that flashed to mind was “Oh shit. This can’t be good.” Good news is rarely delivered same day, with a hard time, in a large conference room.

The important announcement in question; that she’d be retiring in June.


I really can’t emphasize how little importance a university president is to the student’s day to day affairs. Yeah, they can have a huge effect on the student’s overall education. But their day-to-day importance is negligible.

No, one of two things went on: Jackie wanted a huge turnout for her retirement announcement, or nobody stopped and wondered what kind of problems a vaguely worded internal announcement might set off.

If the former, it’s reprehensible and if the latter, it’s unforgivable. This is the kind of shit you do with a press release. This was handled in a colossally clumsy manner: thanks for the heart attack, guys.


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