Software – Microsoft Gets It Right (For Free, No Less)

It’s fun to lampoon Microsoft as bloated, out of touch and a crumbling giant. And they are. But even crumbling giants can break off a good piece, and that would be Microsoft Security Essentials.

As anybody who spends more than ten seconds around computer geeks knows, anti-virus software is pissing away good money. It won’t stop a new virus if it’s not in the definitions, and the software is easily outpaced and outwitted by hackers. It’s not insensible to have virus protection: it’s just insensible to pay for it.

This is where Security Essentials comes in. It’s basically a virus scanner and minor firewall…but it’s pretty damn good at its job. Better, in fact, than almost any anti-virus software I’ve dealt with and far better than any pay virus software.

So, if you’ve got Windows, consider this a recommendation from somebody who hates Microsoft: it’s well worth getting.


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