Gadgets – Apple? Evil? NAAAAAH!

It recently came to light that Apple’s patented a new technology for personal media players, cell-phones, and so on that not only rams ads down your throat, but actually makes you take a test to prove you’re watching the ad. The device completely locks up and makes the ad unavoidable. There are two things about this technology, or rather the coverage of it, that get me:

1) That anybody was surprised digital advertising wasn’t headed this way.

2) That anybody was surprised Apple would create such a technology, as if Apple had the pretense of being “good”, like Google, instead of a closed-architecture evil empire, which I say affectionately, being a long-time user and fan of Apple products. But it’s still true.

To deal with the first one: of course advertising is going to become more obnoxious and intrusive. It’s always done so within the limits of the law, and sometimes outside of those limits, so adding a required questionnaire, which isn’t illegal, is a natural next step. Of course, doing this on a website is suicide, although that’s not going to stop a wide variety of content providers, nor will it stop relentlessly creative Firefox add-ons to kill said code. And no, Linux fans, nobody will want to run your operating system even after this tech becomes widespread.

Apple’s patent is unique because this tech is at the core of the device. The idea is that people buy, say, an iPod for ten bucks but it interrupts the music every so often with ads. You answer the stupid question and the music picks up where it left off.

It isn’t surprising Apple would come up with this. Apple’s far from an ethical company. Just ask all the clone manufacturers they put out of business, or anybody running a Hackintosh, or anybody awake around Steve Jobs. Hell, just Google “iPod City”. Seriously, go ahead, I’ll wait.

…See what I mean? Is it outside of Apple’s mission? Does it make money? Then the answer is no.

That said, I seriously doubt all iPods will come free with adware in the future. This tech is largely designed with the cell-phone market in mind, and also because Apple knows it can kill two birds with one stone: they can license this tech to unethical electronics manufacturers…and keep it out of their own products.

See what I mean? Brilliant, but utterly evil. Expect this tech in Droid phones by the end of the year.


One Response to “Gadgets – Apple? Evil? NAAAAAH!”

  1. Tim Ruth Says:

    I have been a techy since I was 8 back on the Atari đŸ™‚ Love the article. Gadgets

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