Politics – Sarah Impalin’

Can I just say, now that the election is well over and Barack Obama is President of the United States, that I really don’t give a shit about Sarah Palin and wish she’d go the fuck away already?

I’m sure she has a great career ahead of her as a faux voice of the masses for the GOP. But that’s all she’s got ahead of her. The idea of this woman as any sort of political force is a joke. Granted, this isn’t going to stop the GOP from clinging to her in desperation because she’s about as popular as the 2012 field gets right at the moment, but the elections are about three very long years away, plenty of time for someone else to snatch away the spotlight. Of course, for the GOP, there might not be anybody else…and that’s very bad news.

The truth is, Palin pretty much destroyed her hopes of any sort of national seat during the 2008 elections. I remember being surprised and interested, and then promptly deflated once I discovered she was basically such a setback she’d reverse suffrage. Although honestly I have a different perspective on Troopergate than most people (considering the trooper in question threatened her sister and her father, I don’t respect her actions but I can respect her reasons), the rest of it, especially the complete hash she made of her governorship and her mayoralty are appalling. Her antics on the campaign trail didn’t help much, as she came off as basically every angry talk radio dimwit ever to have graced the airwaves. There is a reason Rush Limbaugh, for all his alleged popularity, has never run for public office (well, before the drug addiction came along), and Palin learned why the hard way. She was a millstone around John McCain’s neck, and that along with the McCain campaign’s general incompetence took him out more effectively than Obama’s campaign could have dreamed.

The problem with Palin was she was peddling the same tired “Real America is in the small towns instead of those sinful cities” horseshit, and nobody, not even a good chunk of the small towns, was buying. Part of the reason her book tour is going to locations like Rochester instead of major cities (no offense to the charming town of Rochester, NY, of course, but it’s not exactly jumpin’ in the publishing world) is because her publisher knows Palin would be driven out of any major city on a rail.

Of course, shit that doesn’t sell politically can sell like gangbusters on the page: selling a million books isn’t nearly as difficult as getting the voting public to vote for you. So the GOP will misinterpret her sales as interest, because, basically, they’re desperate.

Right now the 2012 field, even if Obama stays at about 50% popularity, does not look good. Tim Pawlenty? Sure, let’s put a doughy, not-terribly-distinguished white guy up against the black guy. That’ll end well. Mitt Romney? 2012 might be Mitt’s candidacy year, but the GOP somehow has to ignore the fact that a quarter of their base won’t vote for him because he’s a Mormon, and Mitt is not exactly masterful with the press, or voters who don’t like him, or anybody who asks him about anything off script. He’s not called an android behind his back for nothing. Newt Gingrich? Who wants him? And, of course, Palin. Although part of me wants to see a John Boehner run. Why? Because his name is boner (he insists it’s pronounced “boy-ner”, which somehow sounds even more like a gay porn alias), and it would be the biggest landslide in history for Obama.

It would be one thing if the GOP had any moderates it weren’t currently shitting on. Olympia Snowe is no doubt enjoying her free rock salt sent to Maine (this is why I love RedState; it’s run by idiots), but if the RNC wasn’t ready to murder her politically before, after her support of the health care bill, it’ll be trying hard to do so. Arlen Specter was never interested and he’s ill and a Democrat now anyway. Chaffee was thrown out of office and had no love of the RNC even before they hung him out to dry. But there’s just nobody left. They’ve either been voted out of office, they’ve switched parties, or they’ve quit.

Like I said: it’s a long three years. Maybe the GOP will find a worthy challenger within its ranks after the 2010 elections…but I doubt it. No, instead, I’m fairly sure that come 2012, we’ll have Sarah Palin to kick around again. Better the devil you know, I suppose.


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