Politics – Why Does the Far Left Want Obama To Act Like Bush?

So I open the collection of AP feeds and bad editing that is the Metro today and am greeted with a two-page spread about Obama’s first 365 days in office. Of course, it isn’t 365 days of him in POWER. That’ll come January 20th, 2010. But we expect this kind of inaccuracy from the Metro.

The lead article was all about some of my fellow liberals being deeply, deeply disappointed that he’s trying to build consensus instead of taking huge steps. After all, America’s ready for that! They’ve talked to all their friends, so America must be ready for that! Let’s do it! Let’s ram through legislation with no regard whatsoever for the opposition!

Which leaves me wondering: are these people completely fucking insane? Or just assholes?

I wasn’t a fan of Bush for many reasons, but one of the key ones was his reply to any criticism of his policies, no matter how trenchant, relevant, or correct it turned out to be, was “shut up, ya faggot”, and then forcing the law through. Bush’s essential disinterest in weighing his options left us two brushfire wars, a massive deficit, and a broken economy.

Obama will steamroll people when he needs to. His chief of staff might as well have “Caterpillar” tattooed on his face; Obama appointed an arm-twister to that role for a distinct reason. And he hasn’t exactly not put any legislation through; witness the expansion of federal hate crimes laws which just went through, or his stimulus plan, or, Christ, pretty much any legislation. Obama hasn’t been lazy about getting bills out the door.

But he’s also making a sincere effort to include as many people as possible, and there’s a reason for that. Obama’s not going to cater to the far right, but he will aim straight for the middle. There was another article claiming the Republican Party has found its feet. Unlikely, to be blunt. Obama’s approval rating may not be at the 60% it was, it’s at a dreaded…52%. Over his last four years, that was an approval rating Bush could only dream of.

Part of this is just Harry Reid (theme song: “If I Only Had Some Balls…”) and Nancy Pelosi are taking a good chunk of the abuse for him. But another part is that he is trying to at least make people feel like he’s listening to them.

It helps that his opponents are weak and getting weaker. Just recently, the GOP hit numbers it thought it wouldn’t see again in approval: 36%. In other words, people still disapprove of them as much as they did in 2007.

But all that evaporates the moment Obama says “fuck you, we’re doing things my way.” He knows he was elected precisely because people were tired of that. And, to be honest, I’d rather have a President who builds consensus and pisses off self-righteous douchebags than a President who steamrolls everyone who disagrees. After all, we live in a democracy, and it’s nice when a President is democratic as well as Democratic.


5 Responses to “Politics – Why Does the Far Left Want Obama To Act Like Bush?”

  1. Ben Says:

    I suspect the issue is that the far left sees the situation as this: Obama is unlikely to win over the other side no matter what he does, so he shouldn’t even bother. I think there’s a germ of truth to this, but generally I agree with you that he should be trying to build consensus anyway.

    • seitzeeing Says:

      Oh, I agree: they’re far, far too invested in the whole teabagging/”Nobama”/hate everything he does tack to go back now. Still, I think it’s less about impressing them then impressing voters who aren’t solidly in either column.

  2. Will Slade Says:

    Uh, what?

    Obama already acts like Bush. Warrantless wiretapping, Guantanamo, the complete failure to deliver universal healthcare, the expansion of a war that nobody wants in Afghanistan.

    What are you talking about, again?

    • seitzeeing Says:

      Oh, you mean the Guantanamo he’s shutting down? Or the warrantless wiretapping that Justice has curtailed and is attacking the legal basis of? Even Afghanistan, he’s taking a decidedly different approach. Also, anybody who thought a universal health care system was going to magically appear has no understanding of how governments actually work. You can’t just nationalize an industry and change everything with one stroke.

      I’m seriously sick of remarks like the above. They are vastly different in policy and execution thereof. To claim otherwise is just ridiculous.

  3. Will Slade Says:

    The Justice Department wants to extended warrantless wiretapping indefinitely using the same reasons that the Bush administration used to create. They have, if you’ve been following the story, also extended immunity to prosecution to the telcos.

    I would love to read that Guantanamo is shutting down, so if you’ve got news I don’t, please share.

    I’d also point out that the government did nationalize GM and AIG at the stroke of a pen.

    I’m a committed and serious liberal. I’m just impatient; this government was elected on a mandate of change, and as far as I can tell, they are doubling down on the War on Terror, and the economy is cratering.

    Last point: Defense of Marriage Act. Just saying. Pick any one, and we can talk in a month if there is progress. I’ll buy you an (internet) beer, deal?

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