Games – “Loom”: A Great Idea Abandoned Too Soon

You might remember, in my previous post about adventure games, how I complained about the inventory and the verb interface. This was before I downloaded “Loom” and discovered the perfect interface for adventure games.

This is probably the perfect fit between genre and game design. Instead of toting around items, you learn actions and type them in as musical notes. The spells are perfectly straightforward, which makes the puzzles more interesting (hint: if you’re playing “Loom”? Double click EVERYTHING.) In short, this interface is absolutely perfect for adventure games.

Plus, the game itself has a fascinating story and a dry sense of humor (plus a taste for horrible puns). The voice work is rock-solid. In fact “Loom” is damn near perfect except for one minor problem.

It ends on a fucking cliffhanger. And there’s no (official) sequel, not because of lack of sales, but because the lead designer lost interest.

Seriously? Why did this potential franchise die? “Loom” is more than just a great game: “Loom” is a great idea. Maybe now that it’s on Steam some interest in a sequel will happen: I’d pay five bucks an episode for a sequel to this, screw Monkey Island.


3 Responses to “Games – “Loom”: A Great Idea Abandoned Too Soon”

  1. Eugen Says:

    I’d totally pay for a remastered version of Loom, at least – the music was brilliant, i was a kid back then and it made me want to switch to listening to classical. Killer atmosphere, too.

    As for the interface, it just goes to show that a non-conventional approach can work just wonderfully, as long as there’s a reason behind simplification.

  2. seitzeeing Says:

    The more I think about it, the more I think “Loom” is a classic game in the true sense: the interface still feels fresh and intuitive, the story is still interesting, and the sense of humor is very dry and well done. I’m still baffled that a game that sold half a million copies never got an official sequel. LucasArts can’t stop crapping out Star Wars games long enough to make something interesting?

  3. Eugen Says:

    it’s probably for the best.
    remember when the terminator was cool?

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