Gadgets – So what IS the deal with Windows 7?

“Jesus was a carpenter. Windows 95 turns perfectly good computers into furniture” — An old, old, OLD Windows joke.

It tells you how much Vista is hated that Windows 7 is being greeted with hosannahs. And it’s been getting so many good reviews that I’m sure it’s a solid OS.

Not that I’m actually going to buy it: who the fuck buys a Microsoft OS when you’ll just get the same thing when you inevitably have to cave into the one-two punch of Moore’s and Murphy’s Law and get a new computer with the OS loaded on it? Granted, I hang onto computers a lot longer than most people: I still have an eMac from 2003, which was my primary computer until I bought a netbook. And it still runs OSX 10.4. Yes, really. What was I going to upgrade for? The chance to still suck at Chess? My point still stands, though; why upgrade unless you have to?

Still, I have to admit I’m skeptical if for no other reason than Microsoft defines “beta tester” as “people who buy our products.” It’s kind of humiliating that they still have to support Windows XP years after said product’s release, because the followup was such a disaster. And now we’re seeing stuff like this:

Sure, it’s just one guy, but he makes some pretty compelling arguments about ease of use. I haven’t seen Windows 7 in action, but just from the screenshots, it’s kind of like a Mac, except…well…inelegant. And I’m starting to wonder what we’ll hear once the system actually hits real-life computers that maybe aren’t up to date.

All I know is my Asus is staying on XP. Fuck that Windows 7 noise, if I can access the Web and play “Loom”, I’m happy.


3 Responses to “Gadgets – So what IS the deal with Windows 7?”

  1. Caleb Withers Says:

    I have upgraded my Mid-2007 Dell Vostro 1400 laptop to Windows 7, and have never looked back. I find it to be much faster than Vista, love the new taskbar, and find myself trying to use aerosnap on other computers automatically. And yes, like previous commenters have stated, Vista drivers have worked fine. Plus it all looks very pretty.

  2. J Says:

    Loom. Love it.

  3. techwoo Says:

    Gadgets – So what IS the deal with Windows 7? .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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