Politics – Memo To Teabaggers

OK, guys, let’s just clear something up here, once and for all:

1) I respect that you have political disagreements with Obama.

2) You, of course, should exercise your Constitutional rights as you see fit.

3) I understand that you disagree with the direction this country is taking.

All that said, whenever I see you try to pair a black man with a symbol of racism and genocide, especially since most of you are pasty honky motherfuckers like me, it makes me want to haul off and give you a good shot in the nuts.

More than that, let me just emphasize that to any thinking person, the comparison makes no sense and therefore makes you look like a fucking clown. Why should I respect somebody who lacks the basic arguing skill to do anymore than say “Well…well…well, he’s LIKE HITLER!”

No he isn’t. Leaving out the whole gassing-Jews thing, nowhere close. Not even Bush was anywhere close to Hitler and he wanted a police state. Even with Rick Santorum, who believes there is no Constitutional right to privacy, in the GOP (thankfully not holding elected office; there’s pure nightmare fuel), I’m not willing to compare them to fascists. We’re just talking about a whole other level here.

The real irony is that there’s been a lot of fulminating about how Obama is, pretty successfully, marginalizing his opponents. Well, Jesus Christ, the self-appointed face of the opposition almost makes it impossible for him not to just by existing. If anything, the best way to do it is just by trying to work with them; when they throw hissies and act like children, it makes the decision, for most Americans square in the middle, all too easy.

So I guess what I’m really saying is, thanks, teabaggers. I like Obama, and the way you’re protesting, you’re going to keep make him looking good for a long, long time.


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