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As you might have noticed, the GOP have a new website, GOP.com, to try and market themselves better. And just like the people on the far right are proving they have no knowledge of the Internet by breaking Godwin’s Law (it’s a little hard for Obama to advocate for a fascist policy associated with white supremacy, you know, what Nazism is, when he’s black, you fucking idiots), it’s shown the GOP really, really doesn’t understand the Internet.

First, there’s the tiny full-body Michael Steele who greets you on the site. Yes, just like an annoying spam ad, there’s the soon-to-be-fired-by-palace-coup head of the RNC, once again pretending he’s not a fine Nabisco product and attempting to use hip-hop slang. Then there are the “faces” of the GOP, about half of which are obviously interns with the other two black people who aren’t Vernon Robinson featured prominently. But the real problem is the content of the site itself.

I’ve already pointed out that the GOP’s message could be charitably described as stale, and that they have a real loon problem. And the loon problem is just getting worse. Aside from trying to say Obama’s a Nazi, which you’ve got to wonder what they were trying to achieve other than driving away everybody who isn’t stone crazy, recently a “satirical” game went live that’s pure fantasy and wish fulfillment, about how the American people come to their senses, vote all the Democrats up for re-election out of office (notice they forgot the five GOP senators retiring in 2010) and how Obama tries to pull a coup to take over America because of this, triggered by an attempt to take away the guns of private citizens. Apparently none of these people have ever thought that part of the reason some people want to take their guns away is, oh, I don’t know, they treat them like they’re children instead of inanimate objects designed to kill people, and any attempts to ask them to implement anything resembling a sensible safety precaution is met with threats of violence and calls to overthrow the government. Somehow, that makes people pretty uncomfortable that you have the means to kill indiscriminately, gun nuts! It kind of makes most people, even the sane responsible gun owners, worry that maybe one day you’re going to decide the best way to exercise your right to bear arms is by cleaning out a post office with a semi-automatic. But I digress.

Funny thing: they sound just like the far left when Bush was in office. At the time, I freely confess that to me it seemed all too convincing. Now, even saying that about Bush just seems silly, let alone Obama.

The thing is, GOP.com would be a great way to call out people like this, to say, “We are not this.” Instead it tries to actively ignore the crazies while offering up the same party line.

A website can’t really save a political party, or a company, or anything, really. But it can at least not make you look like an ass. So far, for the GOP, no dice.


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