Politics – What a Difference a Brain Makes

Much has been made of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, which came as a surprise to, well, damn near everybody up to and including the recipient. And there’s good reason, too, it’s pretty much completely unprecendented. Needless to say, there are sour grapes galore, not least because Sir Ronald Reagan the Dragonslayer didn’t get a Peace Prize.

As a son of Washington D.C., I can address this criticism. Let’s see, Reagan drove defense spending through the roof, invaded Grenada of all places, sent troops and material to Afghanistan (which, let’s not forget, means Ronald Reagan is indirectly responsible for 9/11), and couldn’t even lower the murder rate in the city he lived in, not that he tried or cared or gave a shit, because black people would never vote for him. Oh, yeah, the guy who won’t even PISS ON THE FIRE RAGING AT HIS BACK DOOR really deserves something, all right. Namely what Pope Formosus got.

Sorry, the celebration of Reagan as anything other than proof actors shouldn’t hold elected office is a pet peeve of mine. Where were we?

Oh, right, Obama’s Peace Prize.

One thing that has been pointed out is that Obama must have been nominated barely a month into his term, and I do think it’s actually a reasonable criticism to point out that he’s barely finished a quarter of his term. Come on, it’s the Nobel Prize, not a Golden Globe, not anybody can win one. What the hell’s going on here?

All I can offer is guesses, and that guess boils down to: Thank God he’s not Bush.

Seriously, look at Bush’s track record for a minute, and you realize it’s painfully bad. Bush invaded Iraq despite half the world, including a good chunk of our allies, warning him not to, and we all know that ended in fire. He appointed John Bolton, a guy who thinks the UN shouldn’t exist…to the UN. He blew off multiple allies and burned a lot of bridges. He tried to codify Nixon’s mandate that when the President does it, it’s not illegal (hint: WRONG!!!)

So, either Obama’s win is a sigh of relief from the international community, or Bush’s diplomatic game was SO bad all Obama had to do was show up and act like an adult.

I’m assuming the title will make clear what side I happen to fall on. But I can see validity in both interpretations.


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