PSA – are thieving bastards

I thought I’d break this blog’s usual schedule to call out a bunch of scumbags,

If you’re reading this, you were probably redirected here from Cracked.  Cracked has a fairly unique structure: the articles for Cracked are pitched in a semi-public forum that any user can request access to, and shuttled by the editor between three different boards.  This is great because the other writers on the board can offer feedback.  It’s terrible because it means writers can log in, look at other people’s research, and steal it.  Which they do, on a regular basis.

For example, Ian Fortey, one of Cracked’s most prolific freelancers and a writer for sites like and, rewrote a rejected Cracked pitch as this article:

Funny thing, an Oddee article popped up with the exact same idea, using Ian’s research here:

I know what you’re saying (and what the trolls who run will say); just a coincidence.  And sure, that happens occasionally.  And anybody who wants to say it’s not plagiarism would be right, as they don’t (usually) steal the text.  That they usually steal from Wikipedia.

But with, this happens every month, sometimes every couple of weeks.  And while it’s not plagiarism, if the pitch is accepted at Cracked or elsewhere, it makes the writer look like they just rewrote an Oddee article when they’re the one who came up with the idea.

So do comedy writers on the Internet everywhere a favor: whenever somebody tells you there’s a funny article on, tell them it’s probably stolen.  Because odds are: it is.


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One Response to “PSA – are thieving bastards”

  1. Capricia Says:

    Oddee have among their ranks uninspired, ethically challenged hacks who see nothing wrong with seeking inspiration from those with better ideas and more talent.

    They’ve stolen my ideas too, right down to the pictures. I loathe them.

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