Movies – “Ong Bak 2” Kicks Every Ass There Is

1. What did you think of “Ong Bak”?

That plotwise it’s almost a musical (think about it, hick makes good) and that the wire-free stunts and fistfights were among the most amazing things I’d seen in martial arts movies recently.

2. What did you think of “Ong Bak 2”?

Well, aside from the fact that it has nothing to do with the original “Ong Bak”, I think it’s the most gleefully insane and therefore awesome martial arts movie ever made.

3. What’s the story?

Tien is a lost prince who is found by a bunch of bandits.  Being bandits, they teach him kung fu, lai-do, and, of course, Muay Thai, so he can be the bestest bandit there is.  Then he goes to get revenge on the king of Thailand for killing his dad.  This last part doesn’t end well.  All of this is as overwrought and over-the-top as humanly possible.

4. Details!

That IS the plot.

5. So this movie is two hours of what, exactly?

Three words: Epic.  Fucking.  Beatdowns.

6. Give me some examples of the beatdowns Tony Jaa hands out.

OK.  There’s one where he’s drunk at a slave market that starts with him punching through a clay vessel into somebody’s throat.  Then he falls over, and proceeds to kick the living shit out of twenty guys without standing up.  This is less than an hour into the movie.  This is the least impressive fight IN the movie.

7. So how’s Tony Jaa as a director?

Actually?  Pretty damn good.  This isn’t just good martial arts choreography: it’s well-shot martial arts choreography.  It’s nothing terriby fancy, but the geography and who’s kicking the shit out of who and how is always clear.  There are no terribly showy bits in terms of shooting, which actually works to the movie’s advantage.

8. Overall?

One of the best action movies I’ve seen this year, and a welcome return to form after the watered-down “Protector”.  Catch this the minute it plays.


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