Gadgets: It’s So Cute You Think You’re A Filmmaker

Let’s talk, for a moment, about Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunter” ads.  Edited on Macs, they’re chock-full of “I hate the client” moments (“I’m not cool enough to own a Mac”, anyone?), but none is more hilarious than the inside-baseball of the “filmmaker” spot.

If you’re not familiar, the spot follows “Sheila”, a paid actress pretending to be a filmmaker.  We know she’s a paid actress (or a shitty filmmaker) because unlike any other filmmaker, she hasn’t looked at Final Cut Pro and/or Avid and made a snap judgement about which is better because of button placement.  Her main decision seems to be based on how much RAM the laptop has, which is stupid for a set of boring technical reasons that I won’t get into here because I want to talk about other boring technical reasons (if you care, the Wintel laptop has more RAM because otherwise, the computer wouldn’t run; Vista needs 4GB.  Well, really, 16GB, but anyway).

Namely, she probably walked out the door with a laptop that won’t run professional editing software. 

Now, granted, it’s a Hewlett Packard running Vista.  This is a computer that when I went to try and build a $2000 one like “Sheila”, they tried to sell me a netbook running XP as a “companion” (read: backup for when this shitpile we’re selling you breaks).  That’s a real show of faith, guys.

Anyway, she left with the HP HDX 16T.  Now, I know this won’t run professional editing software because it’s a PC laptop from Best Buy.  But if you go on HP’s site and look this computer up, three out of the six processor options just won’t run Avid.  Avid Media Composer requires a 2.33 processor, and literally half of the processor options are below that.  She might have just been given a very expensive porn browsing device.

By the way, for $2k, you could get a MacBook Pro that would run either Final Cut Suite or Avid Media Composer just fine.

In a way, I hope Sheila is a paid actress and not a wannabe filmmaker.  Partially because female filmmakers have enough problems without some ditz being slapped across national TV screens, but also because a group of professional filmmakers leading her into a Best Buy and giving her what she thinks is an amazing deal but is really worthless to her just seems kind of cruel.

Also hilarious.


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