Welcome to the portal to hell

As some of you visiting may know,  I’m Dan Seitz.  I regularly write for Cracked.com and Spike.com, with various guest appearances at comedy sites like STDP7.com, AMOG.com, and OverthinkingIt.com.  Yeah, I’m awesome.

Anyway, this site is mostly going to be a weekday-updated comedy blog about the following topics:

Monday – Politics

Wherein I proceed to piss everybody off.

Tuesday – Movies

Generally dedicated to reviews and/or opinion pieces.

Wednesday – Comic Books

Mocking both the Big Two and whatever graphic novels come my way.

Thursday – Gadgets

I own an Apple computer: this’ll be fun.


MACROWAR is me being lazy.  Each Friday, I’ll prompt this blog’s humble viewers with an image or a piece of text.  Your assignment is to do something hilarious with it.  We call this “crowdsourcing” in Internetspeak.  “Crowdsourcing” is also a synonym for “fucking lazy”.

Enjoy.  Trolls will be found, sodomized, and eaten, not necessarily in that order.


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